WWE Smackdown: Maryse hurt during Miz and Daniel Bryan fight

Sept. 19 (UPI) — The Miz’s wife Maryse got caught in the crossfire as her husband and Daniel Bryan once again started trading blows Tuesday on Smackdown Live.

The Miz kicked off the show with a special edition of his talkshow Miz TV where he hosted Maryse as his special guest. The self-proclaimed “It Couple” used the opportunity to brag about defeating Bryan and his wife Brie Bella Sunday at Hell in a Cell in a Mixed Tag Team Match.

After Maryse discussed how she was a better athlete then Bella, The Miz took things too far when he started explaining how Bryan and Bella’s relationship was a sham.

Bryan, hearing enough, arrived onto the scene and charged into the ring and started fighting with The Miz. Bryan, at one point, dropkicked The Miz into the corner where Maryse was standing, appearing to hurt the reality television star in the process.

Maryse fell to the floor in pain as The Miz and Bryan looked on in shock. Paramedics quickly came and started helping Maryse until she smiled in Bryan’s face, proving that she was faking it all along.

The Miz used this opportunity to sneak attack his sworn enemy from behind but was unsuccessful as Bryan fought back. The Yes Man was also able to move out of the way from a charging Miz who then accidentally bumped into his wife. This time Maryse was actually hurt which caused The Miz to become instantly worried. Bryan then knocked his nemesis out of the ring and began celebrating with the crowd.

The biggest feud in WWE will continue at Super Show-Down on Oct. 6 in Melbourne, Australia, when The Miz and Bryan collide once again. The stakes have never been higher with the victor becoming the No. 1 contender for the WWE Championship.

Also on Smackdown, Becky Lynch was given a Championship Coronation after she defeated Charlotte Flair at Hell in a Cell to become the new Smackdown Women’s Champion.

The celebration was attended by Flair who wanted to bury the hatchet with her former friend and congratulate her on being the better woman during their match. Lynch wanted nothing to do with Flair, however, and continued to show no respect towards her.

Flair would lose her temper and start a fight after Lynch requested that she be referred to her as The Queen, a nickname given to Flair over her career. The fight spilled over to the outside area where Lynch gained the upper hand after tossing Flair into the steel stairs. Lynch then continued her assault back in the ring until Flair was completely taken out.

Other moments from Smackdown included Cesaro defeating Kofi Kingston of The New Day; Shinsuke Nakamura successfully defending his United States Championship against Rusev which led to Rusev’s partner and personal singer Aiden English betraying the Bulgarian Brute by attacking him; WWE Champion AJ Styles defeating Andrade ‘Cien’ Almas before getting into a fight with Samoa Joe; Asuka defeating Billie Kay; and Randy Orton forcing a WWE production crew member to broadcast what he did to Jeff Hardy’s ear at Hell in a Cell.

Orton also gave an ominous warning that what he did to Hardy will be nothing compared to what he does to his next victim.

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