Why I’m a Personal Trainer and Do It Better In Your Home

I am a personal trainer because I love exercise. Exercise is one of the few things in my life that I will not do without. I enjoy the preparation and the planning of meals and of workouts. I thrive on the movement, the energy, the sweat, the focus and the challenge of exercise. I also appreciate and respect the nurturing aspect of getting the proper rest.

Exercise is something I’ve always been persistent about. It has also been something I’ve been able to participate in without distraction. But it took me many years to realize I could share my passion for exercise and help people at the same time.

After this awakening, I got my first certification as a personal trainer and began working at a major health club. There, I learned how to transfer my passion for exercise to my clients. I also learned to turn any frustration I had with less enthusiastic clients into encouragement. I acquired more certifications and continually improved as a trainer. I was proud of the creativity I exhibited, and the results achieved, while adapting client workouts to fit the availability of space and equipment in a crowded gym. I was also thankful for what I learned from the other trainers. But after a year I decided to train people where they could really be themselves and be completely focused on their results without any residual distractions. I began doing in-home training. My connection with clients was better in a relaxed and one-on-one atmosphere. I’ve done only in-home personal training since 2006.

I am very thankful to be an In-Home Personal Trainer. I am invigorated by training at a client’s office, home or nearby park. I am sharpened by the challenge of designing workouts to fit both my client’s environment and achieve their goals. I look forward to the give and take with clients to create their version of a healthy lifestyle, not mine. That’s not to say I don’t hold them accountable for what they’re eating. Or, give them tips on and encourage them to prepare meals and snacks in advance. Or, send them friendly emails to drink more water. Or, text them to enjoy their cardio.

I find the home environment most conducive to changing negative feelings into positive ones. Any exercise equipment collecting dust or exercise videos still in shrink-wrap will no longer be hidden sources of failure. We will usually dust off the equipment and use it in their workouts. And, I’ll encourage clients to open those videos when I’m not there and engage in their cardiovascular routines.

I believe In-home personal training is safer, more convenient, more efficient, more focused and more private than a gym. There are no parking issues, no cleanliness issues, no waiting issues and no distraction issues.

I feel truly rewarded when I hear how a client looks forward to exercise where they once didn’t. It is especially gratifying when they tell me of activities they’ve been inspired to do on their own.

Physical fitness is a lifestyle whose key is to enjoy the process. When people are true to themselves and dedicated to enjoying fitness, they attain a fit lifestyle. I am happy to know I can help them get there. I know they are there when I see them feeling comfortable and feeling confident in their body.

That is why I In-Home Personal Train.

Source by Eric Negri

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