Virtual Assistant Secrets – 3 Steps to Getting Closer to the New Rich Lifestyle and Achieve Freedom

Whether or not you agree with Tim Ferris and his ideas in The 4 Hour Work Week, you were probably compelled by the potential for lifestyle design. How does a virtual assistant fit into all of this? Easy. Working with a virtual assistant is a way to duplicate yourself and the work you do. But you've probably fallen into the trap that it's your business and only you know what's best for it.

To show you the truth, here are 3 steps you can follow to learn to let go of your business.

1. Step Away From Your Work

If you think that no one could possibly run your business like you do, you're too deep into your work to see the reality. It's at this point you need to stop everything you're doing and get away. Even if it's a stretch, you need to look at your business as an outsider. Why do this?

The only way you can get to the New Rich lifestyle is by learning to let go of the wheel and let someone else take control for a while.

2. Make Everything A Process

Once you finally step away, look at everything you do as a process. You may do things erratically but there's always a process underneath the surface. Dissect your day and break it down into simple repeatable systems. Without doing this, you'll never be able to delegate because you'll get upset when your future assistant can not read your mind.

But when you have diagrams, workflows, and procedures all written up, you're essentially duplicating yourself in a way that lets others take control in an instant.

3. Delegate What You Do not Love

There's always going to be some parts of your business that you absolutely love. The next step is letting go of all the things you do not enjoy doing. Once you have the process set, you can give it to a virtual assistant to take care of everything. Plus, you will not have to worry since everything will be repeatable. Why not delegate everything? Well, you could. However, in the beginning you'll be battling a guilty mindset that you should be working harder to be successful.

But if you at least do work that you love, it will make the transition a lot easier.

Source by Jeff Machado

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