Tried and Tested Ways Health and Life Style Coaching Increases Profits

Did you know that our Canadian workforce is ailing? Shocked!!! Brace yourself, as you read on. A staggering 75% suffers from stress and its related health issues, such as depression, anxiety, and other health disorders.

More and more companies are losing time, money and productivity because of these health issues. Millions of dollars are spent yearly from employee’s visits to doctors, hospitals, buying over the counter medication, and sick leave. Many employees are unsatisfied with the way their situation is handled and do not feel supported, or appreciated.

Employee and/or Management Coaching are the practice of supporting and identifying a client’s need through the process of achieving a specific or professional result or goal. This is brought forth by asking empowering questions and assisting clients to articulate their dreams, desires, goals and aspirations. It helps to clarify their mission, and purposes to achieve that outcome. Coaching is a distinct way of communication, relating and acting based on the commitments of human beings to accomplish more than previously has been accomplished. It is about BREAKTHROUGHS – ABOUT PRODUCING UNPRECEDENTED RESULTS IN ORGANIZATIONS AND WORK IN ANY FIELD. Coaching is about working with people to show them new possibilities and assist those taking actions previously not obvious to them. Coaching is the capability to alter or shift the structures of interpretation, which people normally operate in. In this way, introducing coaching competencies into an organization is a very powerful strategy for modifying or creating a culture which is more adaptable to change and growth. Coaching is about the client seeking the answers that lie within each and every one of us. The experience when the client finds the answers that previously has eluded him or she is very powerful, insightful and uplifting to say the least. After a short time employees feel more confident, optimistic and have more self worth and focus on what they want to do with their lives and at their workplace.

Some benefits of creating a coaching culture:

  • Clearer vision and personalized action steps
  • Better matches between employees and their jobs
  • Increased productivity, help staff create powerful reasons for achieving bigger goals
  • Create business break troughs,giving more success to new ventures
  • Demonstrate the company’s commitment to being employer of choice.
  • Create happier, more fulfilled staff, reduced absenteeism
  • Improve communication internally and externally
  • Sharper sense of organizational “being” and competitive advantage

In the new global economy, the health of the knowledge worker will be key to the financial success of the company. For every dollar spent by Canadian business and industry on wellness training, coaching or natural therapies the US spends twice as much, Japan five times and Germany eight times (source Warren Shepell)

Some Canadian companies have after several years of double-digit rate increases for health insurance, come to realise, that one of the best ways to show cost reduction is to have employees take more responsibility for both cost and health choices. In this way Canadian Companies will stay competitive. Currently most of the research on the cost effectiveness of corporate wellness programs is being done by Employee Assisted Programs. Their research shows that for every dollar spent on EAP’s savings can range from 7 to 14 dollars. (Warren Shepell Consultants).

According to a 2001 study completed by Dr. Merrill Anderson of MetrixGlobal for a Fortune 500 company, coaching can produce a 529% return on investment (ROI) A study by Dell computers reported individuals who received coaching were promoted much faster that those who did not receive coaching.Another study by International Personal Management Association reported significant measured increases in productivity by 53% to job satisfaction of 61%.

A coach do not remove problems, but go a step further, a coach turn problems into challanges and enable clients to overcome them by drawing on resources within themself and thereby getting a bigger picture of where they and ultimatly how their company can move forward to a more stable economy.

These figures speak for themselves. The benefits for both the individual and the companies are great and very rewarding. Has the time not come to make a marked and positive change?

Source by Lis Kunzi

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