The Freelancing Lifestyle: Is Your Attention Divided?

As a freelance writer, one of your biggest goals should be to achieve a lifestyle that's comfortable, efficient, and rewarding. The best way to do that is to simplify your business life and focus on just one thing – in our cases, our writing practitioners. So ask yourself – are you focusing on one thing, or is your attention divided?

The Law of Focus

I wish I could say I was the "Law of Focus poster boy," but that's just not the case. Up until November of '10, my attention was divided into four areas – freelance writing, architecture (my first love), events (I organize and host events for fun), and our family business (which we're struggling to transition from the previous generation to the next).

Now here's a little reminder of how the law of Focus works for us freelancers – by focusing on just one thing (our crafts), we're meant to move closer and closer to our ideal lifestyles. But the more divided our attention is, the harder it becomes to reach our ideal quality of life!

What Happened In 2010

That's why, around the end of 2010, I dropped my involvement in our family business. It was a major distraction at best, and it killed my freelancing spirit to take orders from know-it-alls, anyway. (Excuse my grumbling.) Now, free from the clutches of the family's curmudgeons, I can focus on the things that REALLY matter!

Now, instead of dividing my attention among four things, I can now focus my time and attention into just three. But I also know that ever, if I want to absolutely achieve the freelance writing lifestyle I've always wanted, I'll need to focus on just one thing.

What About You?

Right now, at this very moment, what divides your attention? Are you focusing on something that's just distracting you? Are you ready to drop that from your radar to focus on what REALLY matters?

The workweek's just beginning. But every workweek is a chance to make a change that moves us closer to our ideal freelancing lifestyles. We get 52 workweeks a year – let's make them all count!

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