The FASTEST Way To Earn Your First $ 10K a Month Online (The 3 Rules That Will Change Your Life)

What does the world REALLY want from You? What would your days be like if you could really get up in the morning and do what you LOVED for a living? How much more connected would you feel to your sense of power and purpose if you were able to turn your life's PASSION into perpetual piles of profit, while really never really "working" a day ever again?

The truth is, there are so many creative ways to transform your life, and career into an inspiring adventure that I could spend the rest of this article simply listing them, and not even touch the surface of what is possible. I've seen people from just about every niche, market or industry "quit" their day job and pursuit a meaningful and magical NEW career as a teacher, trainer, coach, consultant, speaker, thought leader or authority in their marketplace … that I've literally lost count.

With that in mind, I'm going to share what I believe is the very best way of turning your ideas into income, your blog into a business and your content into cash.

Rule # 1: Codify all of your content into a curriculum

The largest income jump in my own business was really easy to trace. About 7 years ago, I had a very popular blog and very little income. People seemed to really enjoy my blog posts … but I find it super difficult to monetize my audience in any meaningful way, without resorting to a lot of the silliness, or the gimmicks, gadgets and unethical ideas that many of the "gurus" were using to earn income.

One day, I turned all of my written content into a course … or "curriculum". I looked at the content that had the most comments, and the most credibility with my existing community and simply structured it in a way that made it salable. I added chapters, some additional thoughts, a few case studies … a little bit of audio explanation, and I had my first Course.

I sent an email to the exact people who had already consumed this content in the past, (my blog community) and offered a "greatest hits" version of what I considered my best content for $ 67. (they also got audio recordings and a few case studies to follow as well)

My first day of sales was about $ 5k, just from the PDF alone. (more money than I had made in the previous 2 months on advertising and affiliate sales from the very same blog)

Rule # 2: Codify your curriculum into group coaching

I then took the same content, and created a 20 person private community coaching environment. I recorded calls, sent out email updates and did I live audio event that featured Q and A on the very same material. The 20 spots sold in one day, and were priced at $ 297, for approximately another 6K in revenue.

Rule # 3: Convert your course into private coaching, too!

Lastly, I offered a very personal, unlimited coaching program for 30 days, where I'd work with a maximum of 3 people by email on their specific blog, brand and business challenges. I priced this at $ 1497, emailed all of the people who had bought the course but NOT the group coaching, and 3 people signed up for this as well. This added another $ 4500 in income in under 48 hours.

The truth is, you can rinse, repeat and scale this strategy in just about every niche, market or industry under the sun. There are even MORE low end opportunities to enter the PROFITABLE content marketing stream with Amazon eBooks as well. You can use this approach to either preceed my step 1 above, or use it AS step 1 above, and include links in your low cost books to your other offers, which is also very effective and quite market tested for success.

The truth is, re-purposing your content is fun, fast and often free … and can be a great way of quickly, easily and ethically converting your content into a community of clients, and all on a bootstrap budget as well!

Source by Alexa Ross

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