Swine Flu and Lifestyle Changes

There is a new fear psychosis that has gripped the entire human community and everyone from those afflicted with it to those who treat it are scared. Instances of the doctors and paramedics getting affected while providing treatment have also been in the news. The fact that the swine flu spreads so easily and quickly is a cause of worry for one and all. Prevention and control of the flu is also easy if you make certain changes to your lifestyle. You will be surprised to know the easy methods of controlling the dangerous virus from spreading its tentacles. Preventive steps and a moderate change of lifestyle go a long way in the virus from spreading to you and your near and dear ones. People who families consist of pregnant women, old people and young children need to alter their style of living just a little bit to escape its strike.

The monsoons and the winter season is just round the corner and WHO (World Health Organization) has apprehendions that after a brief lull in the spread of the virus in the European countries and America the virus could come back with a vengeance with probably a new strain making it harder to predict and treat. Cold weather is a good excuse for the virus to strike back. H1N1 virus is causing a lot of havoc in the Asian countries and with a major population of the world found in those countries it is a cause for concern. All countries fighting with this flu have issued simple guidelines for people to follow and prevent its spread.

The simplest way to prevent the virus from affecting you is to wear a mask whenever you go out to work or your morning walk or to the shopping mall or shopping for your groceries. The mask should completely cover your nose and mouth and if it gets damp well discard the same. If you know anyone who is down with flu like symptoms then stay at least six feet away from the affected person to prevent getting affected. Avoid touching the mask and wash your hands at regular intervals with a good disinfectant. Hygiene is of paramount importance in preventing the spread of the virus. Is possible avoid going to public places where the chances of the virus lurking to strike its innocent victims is quite high.

Research has also proved that people with good and moderate amount of immunity are usually among the last to get affected. The virus strikes those with low immunity and it would be advisable to build up your physical and mental strength. Exercise regularly and get adequate sleep of at least eight hours. Drink 8-10 glasses of water and increase the intake of fruits, salads and vegetables which are rich in vitamins and antioxidants. Consumption of nuts and whole grains is also advisable. Be vigilant against any form of water borne diseases and avoid consumption of anything which will affect your health. If at any point of time you feel the need to get checked for the virus do so at the earliest as early detection leads to early cure.

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