Ridley Scott Pays Homage to 'The Best Guy to Have Dinner With' Albert Finney

Ridley Scott Pays Homage to 'The Best Guy to Have Dinner With' Albert Finney

In a a short remembrance piece he wrote about the late actor, ‘The Duellists’ director recalls ‘getting slapped a couple of times’ for trying to imitate his ‘charming bad boy’ character.

Moviemaker Ridley Scott has toasted the late Albert Finney, calling the movie great the best person to “have dinner with.”

The legendary Brit’s family revealed the 82-year-old movie star had died after a short illness on Friday, February 08, and Scott, who worked with him on three films, has released a statement to Deadline, revealing he once tried to behave like Finney after seeing him in “Saturday Night and Sunday Morning” in the early 1960s.

“As a student on a travelling scholarship in America I was in NY in the early 60s (and) one night I went to a cinema to watch a British film, I was homesick for the England and the midlands. It was ‘Saturday Night and Sunday Morning’,” Scott writes.

“(His character was) a formidably charming bad boy with the ladies (and) when I left the theatre I even tried to behave like him for a week – I recall getting slapped a couple of times that week.”

Decades later, Ridley persuaded Finney to play Fouche in his first film, “The Duellists”, recalling he worked for free.

“I sent him a crate of red wine as payment – and never heard back,” the filmmaker reveals, adding, “He next played for me in the film I produced, ‘The Gathering Storm’, as a marvellous Winston Churchill with Vanessa Redgrave as Clemmie.”

“I finally got to work with him as a director in ‘A Good Year‘ as the favorite Uncle to Russell Crowe (sic) – we all had a great time working together, where I got to know him better and was knocked out by his talent, charm and energy.”

Scott ends his tribute poetically, writing: “What life! What a loss! A marvelous artist And the best guy to have dinner with And ‘Tom Jones’ is one of my favorite films! Where have these golden oldies gone? To the bar possibly – CHEERS! AND THANKS ALBERT!”