Real Reasons Why People Keep On Smoking

Most smokers have heard all the reasons to quit smoking. They have experienced the negative effects and many cough in the morning when they wake up, many have shortness of breath or get colds and flu more often. This should be proof to them that smoking is not good for them.

Yet, many continue to smoke. What might that reason be? Why will they not stand back, think about the consequences and see why smoking does not benefit them at all? I smoked for ten years and I will break to some smokers why most of them do not make it as far as trying to quit.

– The biggest weakness most smokers or most people for that matter have is fear of failure. Most people who try to quit fail because they are in the wrong mindset. They do not realize that sometimes a bit of suffering is necessary to overcome. That is just part of the deal. Most smokers who quit successfully failed a few times. Many smokers I know will stay keep smoking than face the risk of failure in trying to quit.

– Many smokers have heard and can recite the disadvantages of smoking but very few actually understand them. There is a difference between knowing something and really actually understanding it. Most smokers have not yet gone on to situ still and let the realities of smoking and its negative effects sink in.

– Pressure from social groups and surroundings has an influence. Many smokers are in an environment where they will be the "out" one if they do not smoke; Human beings have a natural fear of standing out. It is that kind of thing that makes people afraid to stand up and talk in front of a lot of people. Fortunately this phobia can be overcome by facing that fear.

– Unhealthy lifestyle. A lifestyle that does not give a lot of thought to health will help to keep people smoking. They do not come into a situation of considering some positive changes for long enough.

– Not knowing how to quit smoking.

Source by Theodore Arnoldus

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