NFL tells teams to stop Oklahoma drill

May 22 (UPI) — The NFL has asked teams to stop performing the Oklahoma drill during training camp.

The Oklahoma drill generally pits a defender against a blocker, who tries to block for a ball carrier, but it has several variations. All variations of the drill include two players slamming into each other while surrounded by teammates and coaches.

The league made several player safety recommendations to teams about drills that shouldn’t be used during training camp during its spring meeting Tuesday in Key Biscayne, Fla. The Bull in the Ring/King of the Circle and Half Line/3 Spot/Pods drills also have been banned.

Sources told NFL Network that the “hope” is that not doing the drills will bring down the number of concussions at training camp. Current and former NFL players, coaches and executives discussed the matter April 17 before the league readdressed the high-impact drills.

The NFL’s spring league meeting concludes Wednesday.

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