My TOP Exercise Secret

In this New Year Season, exercise is everyone's priority.

Since the calendar turned January, client after client has claimed: "I need to exercise more!"

My response?

If you want to Master your Motivation, do what you LOVE!


Yes, that's the reaction as their thoughts turn to "I LOVE laying on the couch" – but this never lies long …

The key to success is letting your inside guide your outside. That means doing things from the inside out – letting your spirit shine through everything you do, and if you're not shining, do not do it at all.

Think back to when you created something when you were not in the greatest of moods – a meal, a project for your business, putting together an outfit. Did the results show that you put half-and-half effort into it? Did it take longer to do than if you would have been excited while you did it? Was the reception or response to what you created less than what you expected or anticipated?

It's the same with exercise.

How anything gets done is how it turns out. If exercise feels like a chore, than you will approach it as such and your subconscious responses to the word "exercise" with "avoid at all costs," making the sand you are walking through to get the gym even thicker and heavier. And the result is a constant struggle between your body's need to move on a regular basis and your soul's need to feel FREE.

How To Exercise Consistently and Easily

When you have reached a level of Mastery with your Motivation, you trust your intuition to move when you want, how you want, knowing that is the perfect intensity, frequency, and form. Until then, your job is to keep your heart happy, because when your heart is happy, you naturally want to move, and the "have to" that has been injured in our society for decades disappears on its own. Movement then gets "done" because the sole thing you commit yourself to is keeping your mood high – in that zone of love! And who does not find that, and all that follows from that space, FUN?

From this place, how can you not exercise?

Too Simple = Will not Work for Me

That's just it! Most people think exercise has to be "hard" and when it's not, then it's not real, or it will not work, so, they do not do it. They take the hard route, and get the same unsatisfactory results again and again and again.

The biggest secret is to do what you LOVE – fly around the forest on your bike with your dog, swim in the lake until you can not swim anymore, walk around your favorite city for hours and hours – the rest will unfold from there. The "work" comes in the preventing yourself to do this, in every moment. Going to do what you LOVE again and again and again, until it is natural, so that the Universe can take over from there, to freely deliver all the JOY, ABUNDANCE, and TRUE BEAUTY that awaits you, and that you deserve to experience and SHINE with every day!

Source by Gina Silvestri

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