Lifestyle Organizing – Discovering Your "Life" Style (Part 2)

This is the 4th article in the series Lifestyle Organizing . You will find a complete list of topics at the bottom of this article.

I divided Discovering Your "Life" Style into 3 parts-I Do not want to overwhelm you by giving a ton of information all at once. This will allow you time to take it all in and really process each step.

Recall from Part 1 of Discovering Your "Life" Style -that the best way to ensure change in your life is to discover Your Unique Self . Using guidelines while examining different aspects of your life will give you insight into where you've been and where you want / need to go. In the "Take Action", you took an internal inventory of your unique self; today you will examine Your Financial Ability and Your Time Constraints.

Finances and time are the main stressors in life, are not they ?! It seems like everything in life requires your money, time, or both. If you're like most people, you probably think, "If I just had X more time or X more money, I could get the things on" My Big List "done.

Well, what if it's just a matter of managing the time and money you have … better – based on priorities – consciously and wisely chosen, in an organized manner?

First you need to have an accurate picture of your time and the resources you have available. I am going to ask you some questions regarding money and time and then give you a "Take Action" project.

Know Your Financial Ability

  • Do you know your yearly income? Monthly? Weekly?
  • Do have a household budget? Do you stick to it?
  • Have you included or do you have room in your household budget for the items you wrote in your notebook (from "Take Action" part 1)? Do you know how the amount of money you are ABLE to allocate to the items on this list?

Know Your Time Constraints

  • How much time do you put into work? Part-time: 10, 15 or 20 hours? Full time: 40, 50 hours or more?
  • Relationships require time … Are your relationships suffering from "not having enough time"?
  • If you have children, are they involved in activities that require your time?
  • What are the other activities on your plate that require your time?
  • Do you have any free time?

Take Action!

While performing this action – use these guidelines: Be Realistic, Keep an Open Mind, Make It Simple and Easy, Learn to Say NO! Make It Fun, and Reward Yourself.

If you did the Take Action in Part 1, no doubt you've identified several projects, dreams, new directions or changes for your life.

Now it's time to organize them …

The general idea here is to discover your financial and time picture for what you have identified as being important to you. Later, you will merge these items into your everyday life to create a Big List or Master List. At that point you will check it against this list for overall budget, time, and priorities.

Side Note: Your Big List consist of ALL goals- your "everyday life goals" ie working, taking care of children, maintaining your household, items / goals already committed to, etc., as well as any "I wish I had time for "goals and dreams.


  1. Using the list you created from the Take Action (Part 1), write each item out as a specific, measurable goal.
  2. Open an excel spreadsheet (or if you prefer, you can use paper and pencil).
  3. Make 4 columns and label them: Goals, Cost, Time, and Priority.
  4. List your goals (use sub-lists if needed).
  5. Enter the cost and time estimates for each goal.
  6. Enter the priority of each goal. You will have to make the decisions that are required to truly prioritize-they can not all be priority # 1. (Use your guidelines!)

I hope you are beginning to see how and why Lifestyle Organizing-organizing your mind, home and life-around Your Unique Self is important. Just wait until you make a plan and actually start implementing it! How FUN!

Next Week's Topic

Discovering Your "Life" Style (Part 3) -Know Your Preferences and Thinking Process.

I'll leave you with this:

There are two things to aim at in life; first to get what you want, and after that to enjoy it. Only the wisest of mankind has achieved the second. ~ Logan Pearsall Smith

You can do this and we can do it together!

Please leave a comment. What are your thoughts? I would love to know if you're doing the "Take Actions" and if you find them helpful. Thanks and until next time …

Topics covered in this series:

  • Introduction : Lifestyle Organizing-A New Way to Think
  • Guidelines for Lifestyle Organizing
  • Discovering Your "Life" Style (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3)
  • Discovering Your Challenges
  • The Plan: Putting It All Together

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