It's Time to Freedom From Stress

Stress can be caused by problems that had accumulated, in traffic jams, the demands of work or love problems. In the long-term stress can cause psychological and physical complaints that do not lead to stress due to the low or our ability to adapt.

Prolonged stress of course is very detrimental because it can create physical and mental fatigue and that will make you fall in a state of helplessness. Physiologically, stress can cause fatal changes in the body, starting from hormonal disorders, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, until the immune system.

In some people stress can cause diarrhea or stomach pains. Stress also can cause serious illnesses such as heart disease and can worsen diabetes. Therefore, stress should be managed so as not to cause effects that are very bad for the body. For it before you get stressed thinking about the threat of disease, it helps you try to do some of the following:

Changing Lifestyle become more regular

Routine of life was to keep you from stress. Regular life can provide a clear direction. Regular life can make the work more effective hormones. Hormones in the body can become confused, when the hormone has to work or when the hormone is relaxed if the days we only slept two hours, then slept all day today on tomorrow. This causes the body's immunity to be reduced so that germs and viruses more easily invade the body.

Exercise Routine

In a healthy body there is a strong spirit, strong in spirit there is clear thinking, in clear thinking there are positive actions and positive actions that will make us, our families, our environment, our society is more advanced. Therefore you take the time at least 30 minutes a day for exercise. At the time of exercise, you will also have time to pay attention to yourself. Therefore, this activity has a high anti-stress effect.

Spiritual balance

You need to realize that spiritual activity is not just the things that are religious. But in any activity aimed at better understanding them, both to understand the mistakes made by or to praise one is part of spirituality. By exercising the body and soul harmony, resignation has been shown to relieve the tensions felt by the body and mind.

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