How To Stop Smoking And Reap The Benefits

There are many things that people use in order to try and stop smoking. We all know of the usual devices such as patches, chewing gum, medicines and nicotine replacement therapy: these are all things that various people use in order to help them to stop.

These are all used to help cure people of their addiction.

But what can help you overcome this mindset?

Many things such as those devices are a great way to do so! But something that is growing in popularity is hypnotherapy.

It is a fantastic way to help you overcome this addiction and Marisa says that everything comes down to the subconscious and conscious power of the mind.

Did you know that 97 percent of our actions are in fact controlled by our subconscious? Hypnotherapy will work on the subconscious and steer it away from the habit you can not seem to drag yourself away from!

You should also try setting yourself some goals. Or how about you set yourself a date and write it down so that you do not continue to mentally delay taking that first step?

Acupuncture treatment is also very helpful as it focuses on changing the taste of cigarettes.

What happens when you stop smoking?

It's an age-old question but many of us still seem to be unsure of what actually happens after we stop.

Firstly, what happens when you stop smoking is that you will save a lot of money! And on top of this, you'll be much healthier … so you can also enjoy that saved money along with your healthier lifestyle!

When you stop, your skin will become brighter as it is no longer being depleted of oxygen and it will appear younger. Your energy levels also begin to rise and will continue to rise for as long as you stop and you'll find it easier to breath!

Smoking does not just affect you, the smoker, but it affects those around you too. Once you stop smoking you are no longer harming yourself or those around you with second hand smoke. So what happens when you stop smoking is that you not only benefit yourself but you get to benefit the lives of others!

And any risk you once had developing gum disease, mouth ulcers, cancer and heart disease are lessened once you stop smoking too.

Fertility levels increase once you stop smoking and conception will be much easier compared to if you still smoked, so your babies will be much healthier too!

Other benefits of stopping including having more free time to do something that you want to do and being less stressed.

What happens when you stop smoking is that you¡¯re helping yourself to live a longer, better life. And, you would have successfully beaten your addiction!

Stop smoking and you will see and feel the benefits in no time!

Source by Marissa Peer

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