How to Get Your Wife Or Girlfriend to Be a Hot Wife – Want to Be Cuckolded? Here is the First Step

Do you want to be cuckolded? Has it been your secret sexual fantasy for a while to get your wife or girlfriend to be a hot wife? Are you deeply interested in the cuckolding lifestyle but you are not sure that your wife would willing be part of it?

If you have been thinking about being cuckolded for some time now, it is probably affecting your sex life more than you realize. You might be becoming more and more frustrated and sexually unsatisfied. And I have news for you: your wife or girlfriend probably suspects something is wrong, she just does not understand what it is. In fact, she might be thinking that there is something wrong with her or that you are having an affair.

If you really want your wife or girlfriend to become a hot wife, now is the time to come clean with her. You need to express your desires to her and show her that even if you do not jump straight into the cuckolding lifestyle, even a little change in that direction can make you happier sexually. Explain to her exactly how a hot wife behaves in the bedroom. Tell her what your version of a cuckoldress is, and what you want her to do. You have to admit, even the thought of you coming one step closer to cuckoldry is exciting to you, right? Even a small step in that direction is a positive one, is it not?

Look at talking to your wife or girlfriend as the first step towards getting her to be a cuckoldress. Your wife is probably taking it personally that you are not as satisfied after sex as you used to be. And if you have totally given up on being satisfied and are starting to feel resentful, she will be relieved that you are willing to discuss with her what you really need from her. In fact, she might be so relieved that she gets even more excited about being a hot wife than you ever thought she could be.

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