Honeywell nabs $1B for aircraft support for Air Force

Oct. 25 (UPI) — The Defense Logistics Agency awarded a $1.4 billion contract to Honeywell International Inc. for support on a variety of U.S. Air Force aircraft platforms.

The 42-month contract, announced on Wednesday by the Department of Defense, calls for Honeywell to support ground start carts, C-130 Auxiliary Power Units, B-2 APUs, F-15 components, A-10 APUs, E-3 APUs, B-1 APUs and F-16 turbine power units.

The contract has a three-year, six-month base period, which includes an addition three-year option and three-year, six-month option. Work on the contract, which will be performed in Utah, is set to be complete by July 31, 2028.

Appropriations for the contract come from fiscal 2019 through 2029 Air Force working capital funds.

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