Health Insurance: Ready When You Are Not

You have probably heard about it somewhere and probably wondered as much, but exactly how much is health insurance? More importantly, what is it and how does it work?

Health insurance is something that protects people from the unexpected arrival of medical maladies. It usually comes with the benefits of being employed, but there are cases when you actually have to pay a monthly amount to keep your coverage going. Either way, the companies who offer health insurance demand money and someone has to pay the price. It will not actually prevent the medical maladies from coming. Its purpose is to make sure that when they do come, you're fully covered and you will not have to rack your brains trying to figure out where to find the money to pay for that humongous hospital bill. Is it necessary, though?

With the advent of technology and medical modernization, you may think you do not need health insurance. After all, scientists have found cures for all sorts of sicknesses. Ailments that were once feared have now been understood better and bullied into following the doctor's orders as well. Think of tuberculosis. Maybe even malaria? Even cancer is slowly being cooked. Moreover, there's all that preventive advice that sure you can heed, lowering your chances of getting sick. Indeed, you can. What you're forgetting though, is that you live in a different kind of world.

With technology and modernization comes a price. You live in a world that's so much more polluted than the world your forefathers lived in. All these modernventions have caused you to work harder and sleep less. To fit your busy lifestyle, you tend to eat food that's convenient and fast, even if it has all these preservatives that's probably not good for anyone. You're more sedentary, because of all these gadgets that do the rest of the work for you. You may not realize it, but all these things are taking a toll on your fitness. The very reason why doctors advocate a healthy lifestyle nowdays is that people actually need to change their ways.

That said, no one's exempt from getting sick. Diseases are something that can strike anytime, at the time you expect it the least. Naturally, it's good to exercise caution and live a healthy lifestyle in order to prevent ailments from striking, because prevention has always been better than cure. In the same way, it's good to exercise caution and have a fallback just in case diseases strike anyway. You can get your immune system up, but if a medical malady comes, it comes. When it does, you better be ready. Being ready, in this case, comes with an additional cost. You may reason that you could have spent that money somewhere else more productive – to buy another gadget maybe, or to finance a family vacation. But looking at how expensive medical bills are these days, being caught unprepared is a cost that's even bigger, and for you to pay for that cost is a shame because in the first place, that scenario is totally preventable.

Source by Heather Gilliam

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