Harris awarded $43.6M for electronic jammers on Kuwaiti F/A-18s

March 8 (UPI) — Harris Corp. has received a $43.2 million contract for modifications to F/A-18 fighter planes of the Royal Kuwaiti Air Force, the U.S. Defense Department announced.

The modification calls for procurement of additional Integrated Defensive Electronic Countermeasures AN/ALQ-214 A(V)4/5 Onboard Jammer systems for the aircraft.

In 2018, Boeing was awarded a $1.5 billion contract under the Foreign Military Sales program for the production and delivery of 22 F/A-18E and six F/A-18F Super Hornets for the Kuwaiti government. Boeing had also previously received a $1.165 billion contract to provide engineering services, along with radar warning receivers and aircraft armament equipment, for production of the aircraft.

In February, Kay and Associates Inc. was awarded a $63 million contract to maintain Kuwait’s fleet of F/A-18s.

The F/A-18 Hornet attack aircraft is the first strike fighter designed for the U.S. Armed Forces, and is designed for traditional strike operations and air support. Kuwait will use the aircraft for homeland defense and to replace its aging aircraft.

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