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"Time is more valuable than money. You can get more but you can not get more time." -Jim Rohn

We are all given twenty-four hours each day, 365 in a year, 7 days per week, and 1,440 minutes a day. No one is surprised-not even prominent people in our society, or our dear loved ones, or even us. Everyone is obligated to spend their time wisely. It is a God-given gift that we should treasure the most and as one of the saying goes that, "Time lost could never be regained", depicts that once time is gone, it will be gone forever so we have to spend every second or every minute of it worthwhile.

A time management, which is a set of principles, practices, skills and tools, should be made for us to be able to accomplish things which are important and valuable to us. Time management combines a lot of skills that we must master such as goal setting, planning, prioritizing, and scheduling. Goal setting will also help us get a clear idea of ​​what will happen to us in the coming years and where we will go. We can make goals for different areas in our life such as academies, relationships, spiritual, and recreational. We should bear in mind that each time is valuable so we should know how to treasure every moment and prepare for our future. Of course, we do not want to regret in the end so we should plan things. Sometimes, when we hear of goal setting, we usually think of our graduation soon, our future jobs, our marriage life, or family life. We may also think of short-term goals like passing projects or paper works before the deadline, and etc. That is why we sometimes think that time goes by so easily because we may be rushing to do a certain thing that we have not done during the wasted time.

We also think that time goes by so slowly because we are so upset or tired of waiting for our graduation day due to our plans of doing out-of-town activities or working in a famous company to earn money.

How do average people should spend their time wisely and have a healthy lifestyle at the same time? One of the best ways is to identify the time wasters and put them under control.

Let us admit it. People devote too much time watching television or movies. TV viewing is a very convenient way to relax but while it is a soothing, it can also be used to tune out others of escape from the real world sometimes. People, especially teens who spend an average of twenty-three hours of it per week which leaves them with only six days of productive time, should learn to set limitations on TV viewing like one hour a day and longer on weekends. We should know how to sort out the TV shows that we watch. Bearing in mind that setting a time limit for watching movies too, whether it be our favorite ones will be helpful for us to finish our assignments or work early.

Internet also has done too much attention to a lot of people. In this day and age, we are already bound to do our personal activities or businesses through social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and others that they usually ruin our daily routine. Teenagers seem to be more addicted to it than watching TV or hanging out with friends outdoors because it is a means of connecting with people from the different parts of the world easily. That is why it is distinguished as a form of "new socialization" because you get to communicate with others through chat, sharing, or liking their posts or videos, befriending strangers, sharing facts or knowledge about stuff, knowing helpful tips, playing online games , and etc.

We should know how to minimize internet surfing and get involved in life. Instead of chatting with online friends, let us spend more time with family, real-life friends or other people who we can help through our advices. Give oneself at least 20 to 30 minutes for online research and then stop and do something else which is more important like chores, running for errands and etc. Video and computer games are great distractions of studies especially among children. They will not teach you precious information but instead they will lead you to violence.

You can play these games as a reward for accomplishing something good like homework, project, chores, and etc., for at least 30 minutes or longer than an hour.

Telephone and cell phone also destroys time management if one does not know how to use them properly. If we know how to limit texting or talking on the phone for up to 15 minutes then we could save a lot of time for our real life loved ones. Texting could also waste load so it will be much better to set an appointment with our text mates if we could not say everything in text messages. It will be much better if you meet with him / her personally so you can improve your relationship with one another at the same time.

While traveling to and from school, we know that commuting and traffic could also take away a lot of our valuable time too, so why should not we use this to relax our minds or plan our day or if possible, review our notes as a preparation for our busy day at school. Time will be managed properly if we know how to be independent and do our own things. As a student, we are obliged to accomplish our tasks that we sometimes end up stressed, or tired. Why should not we learn to balance our lives by doing things that will keep us healthy?

A morning person benefits more than the other because they will be able to manage their time well from the start of the day. One should also learn to be independent in order to be good time managers because you will have freedom on setting up your schedule of activities per day like fixing your bed and your cabinet, doing the laundry, cooking your food, shopping, studying and hanging- out with family or friends. You should also have time for your sports or other relaxation like exercising, going to the gym, or spending your time alone in someplace else. You should make it sure that the schedule you have made will cover all the activities that you should do for others and for yourself.

A good time manager knows that there is time for everything. They know that each activity is important to them and they never waste any single moment because every minute of it should be remarkable. Each time should bring them to success. Every step that we make should bring us to somewhere else. Further, if we have done wrong to others or to a person, let us not waste our time by saying "sorry" or let us show our love and affection to the people we love as early as possible because we do not know the future . God Himself knows everything. God gives us time and He will be the one to take it away from us.

Source by Loranne Yaun

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