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What does it mean when some people say that they camp full time or RVing full time? My wife and I wondered about that and discussed with no clear and satisfactory answer, even after we tried it for six months in 1988. How do we qualify as full-timers? Our home is where we park and spend the night, so does that mean we have no other home except our camper or RV? Do we have to travel? How about the people who park and live in their "home" without ever going anywhere yet their "home" is a camper or RV. There are many articles, even a few books written by people who lived that lifestyle and love it. During our camping trips to various parts of the country we met many full-timers. Each time we ask our most important question, how do they like this unusual lifestyle. Of course they loved it, if they did not, they could have stopped doing it at any time. That opened our eyes to the fact that we would not be stuck in this lifestyle if it did not suit us.

Since we camped so often and always loved it we decided to go full-timing after our retirement. To become full-timer necessitates some changes. First was the size of the RV since full-time means a lot of time inside as well as outside, we needed more space. Secondly, what kind of "home"? Motor home or towable? Most of the full-timers we met had good sized motor homes with a tow car. We ended up getting a 34ft 5th wheel with a slide out, fully equipped with all sorts of amenities so it was big enough and very comfortable to live in.

We lived that way and traveled mostly in the eastern part of the country. From Florida, Georgia, the Carolinas, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana to Illinois. After six months on the road we stopped in Illinois where we rented a campsite and parked the trailer there. Then we went visiting our children and grandchildren in three nearby states. As we went from one home to another we realized that a momentous part of all our camping trips was returning home, where we sort of have roots, to really relax and rest in a stick house.

We were full-timers, yes, for six months, even our friends called us Nomads. Maybe we did not give it enough time, had we continued- – -who knows? However, maybe, just by having too much of a good thing is too much. We really did not want to take a chance on getting tired of camping. Now we still camp for short or long (6 to 7 weeks) trips every summer. Camping in various rigs continues to be our favorite activity, with family, friends or just by ourselves.

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