Freedom Challenge – Getting Free

Freedom Challenge-Walking in the Wisdom of God

Shifting life long patterns does not happen quickly or without effort. Sometimes, a final and sudden shift can make it look like it was swift, but it is more likely a process that took time, patience, and preseverence. A lot like "overnight success" lol! Yeah, right!

Some background

Through my 50 years, I have utilized the process of renewing my mind and establishing my heart in many things in order that may be free to live above fear and beyond perceived limits. I identified behaviors that I discovered were copying mechanisms, others that were cries for help and still others that were designed to protect me somehow.

I did not go to any doctors or psychologists, except a GP when I first started bulemic patterns after the birth of my second baby and calculated that I sometimes needed some help. I found all I really needed was a friend and all that doctor did was make my friend and give me back a confidence in my own judgment.

I've always had a lot of faith in my own intuitiveness and the communication I've shared with God since 3 or 4 years old and I started to feel more of that again. I did not always understand all the promptings of my spiritual sensitivity but it was keen-very keen, but needed fortifying.

I knew I needed to get secure somehow, but when I had an emotional breakout and developed Alopecea (at 24), I became very serious about learning how to address my health and well being from the inside out by following God's wisdom. By this time I had become my favorite guinea pig and I was constantly experimenting with applying the truths I was learning and gaining experience through my circumstances. Everything from instant healing, miraculous recoveries, incredible provision, peace, joy, intentional creation, worship and inspiration!

With All Due Diligence

Down through decades, today, if anyone should ask, I would say that the main thing to overcoming old patterns, establishing new ones and creating the life one desires is to be extremely diligent with staying focussed on that life. A preacher once spoke over me and said " Get respectably real with God coz you have phenomenal potentia l". That's what it takes-getting really real!

For example, when I decided, after 3 years of bald patches, that I had enough, and that I would be free- of fear of disasters and bad news and free of going bald, I insisted myself in only that which would strengthen me. I remembered that preacher's words. From that point, I really applied the Truths I found in the Bible about God's love for me, for my children, about safety, health, the benefits of wisdom and integrity. That became a constant practice for the following decade. I refused to entertain even a second of anything that bought or nurtured fear. I starved that old Root.

I took control of all my thoughts. Took every one captive and used my own writing, praying, music, videos, audios, books, study and art to help. It was a matter of life and death. It was that kind of commitment. Every thought was a choice one way or the other. Of Love or of fear. What was of Love would bring forth fruit that waskeeping. What was of fear would do likewise. But I consistently aligned and realigned, focussed and refocussed and ever, I changed my 'default' setting.

I did not evaluate my process by the condition of my hair or scalp. It was all about my state of peace and joy! I was prepared for the regrowth to take time. I felt God had said that I had 'trained' myself into the unhealthy ways of being and I needed to know how to 'retrain' myself intentionally. I told myself, "If I can do this, I can do anything!"

To this day I am SOOOOO grateful for that experience and I can not tell you how many times I have been reminded of it and my words. I can do anything if I follow the same principles as I did then-and so can you! So can anyone.

"As a man thinkeht in his heart … so is he" And so is she!

If you're in anyway unsure of the condition of your heart, it's easy enough to begin to take stock. Take a look around you-at your health, your relationships and interactions, your circumstances, finances, work … everything. All of these things reveal aspects of your thinking and believing that can guide you into truth and freedom.

What are you desperate to change in your life? And I mean desperate. Not all things have to be intense in order for them to change, but sometimes we just do not do what it takes until we're desperate. We need to get real, be determined, wholehearted and emotionally involved.

I brought changes to many areas of my life with relative ease, but always from the inside out. When we have no conflicting beliefs to create resistance, things can happen quickly. But by the time you get to 40 and older, any continuing patterns will likely have some pretty deep seated-and deep seeded-roots, and also have a good chance of becoming very intense. In fact, an unchecked issue, at this point, can threaten everything else.

It's this kind of lifestyle shift to which I'm referring and the kind in which I have been engaged. Only now, I am immersing myself . I want total freedom and I realized that it's time to get willingly real with my dreams. I do not know about you, but I do not want to leave this life with my song unsung or my vision still in my belly.

I choose to live my best and highest life-on purpose! What say you?

Source by Lisa Meredith Shah Noble

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