Email Fraud and Cons Used Over The Internet

It has become quite obvious that email fraud and ways to con people for money over the internet has certainly been on the increase. There appears to be no slowing down for these type email scams.

If you were to take a poll from most internet marketers and online users who use the internet daily for legitimate purposes, you'll find that they receive hundreds of these type emails in their boxes Weekly.

These are the type of emails received where unsuspecting individuals have been conned out of thousands of dollars expecting to receive something greater in return. Unfortunately, email fraud is growing at such an alarming rate that it is of great importance that the public be informed and be on guard to recognize these tactics that are used.

In this first example the fraud is being put into place with a caption of: Attention: Beneficiary, this is to give you an idea of ​​one way that you may be approached. It may follow with a story line similar to this.

This is to bring to your notice that we have been having a meeting for a very lengthy time since the 2nd day of November, 2010 with top United Nations Big wigs in Accra-Ghana liaison office. During the last UN meetings held in Republic of Ghana, it was very alarming to find that so much of the world has lost reasonable amounts of cash and properties as a result of Scams Artists, Hurricane Wind, Tornado, Earth Quakes Flood and Oil Spillage.

In order to compensate these victims of disaster, The United Nations Rehabilitation Department is now paying 521 victims that suffered from any of those hard luck events the sum of $ 10.3M Dollars each in accordance with the UN recommendations. We have mandated Dr._______ from National West Bank Plc London, to guide you and make sure that you receive the Sum of $ 10.3M Dollars. You are afore advised to contact Your Payment Officer Dr._____.

Contact Person: Dr. _______:
E-mail: ______
Please reply with the following information:

1) Your Full Name …
2) Your Delivery Address …
3) Your Age …
4) Your Sex …
5) Your Occupation …
6) Your Phone …

Finally, you are bothby advised to stop dealing with some non-officials in
the bank as this is an illegal act and will have to stop if you so wish to
receive your payment immediately.

Thanks for adhering to this instruction and once again accept our

Thanks and God bless you and UN.

Best Regards,

In this first example, names of individuals have been deleted to protect innocents who may have the same or a similar name. You will also notice the mispellings and improper use of the language. When the unsuspecting person provides all of the requested information and sometimes even a picture, then you can see how easily someone's identity can be stolen.

Both of these examples were actual emails that were received into my in-box. Notice the word that was used. It does not make much sense does it?

In addition, our second email fraud example begins with a subject line as such: Congratulations Your Email Has Won …

22 Garden close Stamford
lice PE92YP, London
United Kingdom, England

Congratulations to you once again. (Major Bottling Company) is Celebrating (60 YEARS) Anniversary in the United Kingdom and a general award is currently conducted by draws.

The drawings were conducted by a random selection of an existing 10,000 lucky e-mail addresses which were selected from computerized database system (fess) the e-mail address of individuals and corporations, picked by an advanced automated random computer search from over (450) e-mail from all over the world.

Our winning notification is sent via e-mails to all lucky e-mail winners and your e-mail address falls among the (450) lucky e-mails addresses for you to receive our winning notification e-mail as we have indicated. You are to fill and submit the verification form below to our company in UK for release of your funds and within 48 hrs. you will receive an e-mail on how to proceed with your claims.

Your e-mail address has won you 500,000,00 Five Hundred Thousand Pounds Only. In an ongoing competition by (major bottling company) celebrating its (2011) Anniversary. To claim your winning prize contact Dr.______ with your full information. Send your Personal Information to the nationwide bank plc finance company so that they will proceed further for your winning prize immediately.

Please notify us with all of your details as listed below.

Full name_____________________________________
Total Amount Won______________________________
Date of Birth___________________________________
Mobile Number__________________
Next Of Kin_____________________________________
E-mail _________________________________________

DIRECTOR OF (major bottling) COMPANY

DR ______________
Tel: +4470142333131

A Subsidiary of (major bottling) company

As you can see every attempt is made by these perpetrators to secure vital information from an unsuspecting person. Once this information is gained a real nightmare can begin for the individual. This personal information may even be sold to several buyers on the black market.

Do you really believe that someone is going to give away ten million dollars to someone for nothing? You'd be surprised at the many people who are always expecting to gain something for nothing. In reality it just does not work like that.

You can find a list of where to report different types of scams in the Canada, US, UK and many other countries by going to:

Just keep in mind that the authorities are actually swamped with these type of cases and have very limited resources. These type of email frauds and cons used over the internet will continue to grow. Do not click on any of the links that may be included within the email.

You can always hover your mouse over the link and then take a look in the bottom left hand corner of your monitor screen to see the appearance URL (uniform resource locator) also known as the web address.

The best rule of thumb to follow would be to not take the bait. Always keep your vital statistics safe and secure.

Source by Marco Brown

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