Corporate Wellness Benefits

Many companies are taking the leap and incorporating health and wellness into their company culture, by way of worksite wellness programs. Sure, wellness programs are enticing, but what are the real corporate wellness benefits? This article will discuss how both the employee and the employee will benefit from such a program.

To really understand how a health and wellness initiative helps a company, one must understand how they affect the employees. If a person feels cared for, supported, and encouraged by their employer, they will want to give back to the company. A positive and comprehensive wellness plan can have this affect. It shows employees that their health is important to them and that the company supports them in their journey to reach their health goals.

In addition to having that initial positive outlook of the company, once a person begins their program they will progressively show the positive attributes of living this new lifestyle. They will have more energy, be more upbeat, less stressed, and even improve their cognitive function, all of which will show in their work performance. Over time their physical health will improve. They will be sick less often because of improved immune function, and their accidents of back pain will subside due to using proper lifting techniques and having a strong structure. Chronic conditions such as diabetes and heart disease will be under control if not reversed, and they will decrease their chances of having a stroke or being diagnosed with cancer.

Understanding how an employee is positively affected by a worksite wellness program makes it a little easier to comprehend how they benefit the employer. Savings can be seen in both direct and indirect costs. The direct costs refer to the direct medical costs, which include preventive, diagnostic, and treatment services. Indirect costs refer to mortality, or the value of future income lost due to premature death, and morbidity rates, which is the value of income lost due to decreased productivity, absenteeism, presenteeism, bed days, and restricted activity. On average a company's ROI is $ 3.93 for every dollar spent in medical care cost alone.

The beauty of the worksite wellness program is that improving the bottom line is just the beginning. A well executed program can also decrease employee turnover, improve company morale and build loyalty among employees. Corporate wellness benefits are endless and have real, long-lasting results. By incorporating health and wellness into company culture, leaders can make a lifelong positive impact on the company and each employee.

Source by Eileen M Hogan

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