Confessions of a Full Time Niche Affiliate Marketer

I started my internet marketing journey in October 2006. My husband and I had just had our two beautiful daughters join our family. They were our foster children then (since adopted), and I knew that with these two beautiful girls in my life that my career as a retail manager would have to be rethought.

I was very lucky when I started looking at how to make money online. I bought 1 eBook about affiliate marketing, and "got" the concepts right away. And although the eBook was good, I was a complete newbie. So I started looking for someone or somewhere to teach me how to do affiliate marketing.

Somehow, I stumbled on Wealthy Affiliate University. Kyle and Carson started it about 3 years ago, and their training helped me make enough money that I was able to leave my day job in June 2007.

What happened next came as a complete shock to me. Without the burn of losing my day job, I completely lost motivation. I had heard of this happening, but I was not expecting it to happen to me … at all.

Busy but not productive.

I spend the next 6 months looking busy, but not really getting any results, or anything done. I was very frustrated to say the least. I did not know how to get my internal motivation back.

The danger of back up plans.

In the back of my mind, I always thought that if I failed at niche affiliate marketing I could go back to my day job. I did not really want to, but I always had it as my "back up plan".

Well, I went back to my old job to help out for the Christmas season, and I realized that the new manager was quite good. Honestly for my business this is probably the best thin I could have done. It made me realize that affiliate marketing is my only option.

You see I hate working for someone else …

My honest list of mistakes.

I realized several things when I was working on my affiliate marketing business over these last several months:

# 1. I bought too many guru books and systems (I know better)

# 2. I dashed from system to system, instead of focusing on 1 method. (I know better)

# 3. I looked busy, but was not taking the kind of actions that got results.

# 4. I got married to mediocre niches. (Every successful marketer I know has a test, test, test mantra)

How I got my groove back.

I realized that if I want to be home with my kids after school internet marketing is my only option. This led to a massive recommittment to my business.

I started taking massive action in my business. Writing a minimum of 3 articles a day, and using a systematic approach to getting things done. And guess what? I am starting to see some significant progress in my income.

I also learned that the best marketers fail their way way .. So if you make a ton of mistakes do not worry, It's just how business works.

Source by Heather Hyvarinen

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