Common Sense Tips For Staying Safe While Dating

Online dating has become a popular way for meeting new people and most of the time it is extremely safe, especially with sites that put your safety fist.

When deciding to date online, it is essential that you and the site you are using are committed to ensuring your safety. While you are dating online, you are dating at a distance, and this in itself makes it safe. But it can also make people feel that they can be a little less than honest about which they really are.

However, when you want to come into physical contact with the other person, this distance provides a comfort and safety factor. Online dating allows you to decide on the pace and it allows you to be as selective as you want to be.

Even with safety precautions that are put in place by the leading dating sites, it is important for you to follow some basic online safe dating practices. These practices are important to consider before deciding to exchange your personal contact information with a virtual stranger or before deciding to meet the person. It's very easy to get whisked away into a fantasy land when reading personal ads or talking to someone online, so it's important to keep these safe dating practices in mind to keep your feet grounded.

Now, these tips may seem like common sense, but common sense is many times forgotten when your emotions are getting swept away. If you take the time to read and follow these tips, it will help you to have a safe and successful online dating experience. You never know when Mrs. Egypt Right is right on the other end of that profile.

When dating online, it is always important to take your time and view many profiles. When viewing the profiles, always trust your instincts to find those that will make the best match for you, your beliefs, and your lifestyle. Remember not to take everything at face value, people can make up anything they wish and post it on their profile. When creating your own profile, be sure not to publish any of your personal information – phone number, email address, etc.

Once you finally find a profile that meets your requirements, you can initiate a chat. When chatting, be sure to ask lots of questions to find out more about the person. Ask to see lots of photos of the person you want to be friends with. If at any time you feel uncomfortable during the chat, stop chatting. If someone uses abusive language to you, stop talking to them, and block them right away. On the other hand, if you think you have met someone that you are ready to meet, be sure to find out as much as possible before agreeing to go on the date. Do not give out your home or work address to the person you have decided to meet until after you have met them several times and feel comfortable with them. Do not allow yourself to be talked in to anything that you feel uncomfortable about. When engaged in online dating, remember the bottom line, you are in charge.

Ok, so you've taken your time getting to know someone and you've decided that this is someone you really want to meet in person, but now is not the time to throw caution to the wind. Before actually going on the face-to-face date, chat on the phone for awhile, and get to know each other even more. Ensure that you have as much information about the person as possible. Do not go on a date because you feel like you owe it to the person, go on the date because you want to. Remember that a patient, good intentioned person will be happy to wait until you are ready to meet. When organizing the first meeting, be sure that you meet in a public place that is well frequented, convenient and comfortable to you.

If you have to travel for the date, make your own travel and accommodation arrangements. You may want to arrange for the date to occur during your lunchtime as this is a good time for a date and provides a time limit for the date. Before going on the date, make sure you tell at least one good friend where you are going and who you are going to meet. Take your cell phone on the date with you because it is also a good idea to phone your friend several times during the date to confirm that all is alright. Remember that a caring person will understand why you are making these calls. At the end of the date, do not accept a ride home as this will reveal your home address, be sure to have arranged your own way home.

If you follow these simple tips you are on your way to having a safe first date experience.

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