Boeing to deliver 4 new MH-47G choppers to Special Ops

Nov. 2 (UPI) — Boeing has received an award modification from U.S. Special Operations Command to build new helicopters.

Under the $43 million, cost-plus-fixed-fee deal, announced Thursday by the Defense Department, Boeing would build four MH-47G helicopters.

The Army uses the MH-47G to transport troops, artillery, equipment and fuel. Much of its work comes during humanitarian disaster-relief operations, to provide supplies and carry out mass refugee evacuations, according to Boeing.

Getting the new MH-47G will help satisfy an urgent need by the Special Ops for heavy assault helicopters. The helicopter specializes in performing long-range day and night missions, in inclement weather at low levels.

Since it was first commissioned in 1962, the MH-47G has undergone many upgrades through the years. The MH-47G ordered by Special Ops will have enhanced digital avionics and flight control systems, as well as a sturdier monolithic airframe.

The company said armed forces in 19 countries globally use the MH-47G, including Canada, Great Britain, South Korea and Australia. On Oct.19, the Army announced the sale of 16 new MH-47Gs to the UK for $3.5 billion.

The work on this contract, which will be performed in Pennsylvania, will be funded with fiscal 2018 procurement.

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