Are Newsletters an Effective Marketing Tool?

In a nutshell, yes. Newsletters are still an effective marketing tool. Newsletters serve many purposes when branding yourself and your business. Newsletters are ways of letting readers know who you are and what services and or products you offer. They help to showcase your credibility as an expert in your field of business. Newsletters also help to establish why your prospects should do business with you or join your business opportunity. They also aid in expanding your client base as well as to solidify current relationships.

Some things that can be written about in your newsletters include:

• Information about your business
• Community events
• Empowerment ideas that show others how to live life more fully
• Educate others on the benefits of a healthy lifestyle
• Solve problems
• Make statements
• Showcase other businesses in your community

This list could go on and on. However, the point remains the same. Newsletters are an effective marketing tool and when marketing thru newsletters, always keep in mind that it is better to give than to receive. Consider a soft sell type of newsletter. This type of newsletter is informative and entertaining. It does not come across and a "hurry up and buy now", but rather it comes across as a service rather than a sale. This increases your credit and positions you have a giver rather than a receiver. People are always looking for tips on business, their community, their health and their family. Give them what they are looking for in your newsletter and you will brand your name and your business.

Much success to you!

Source by Shalonda Jones

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